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Rondi Werner, AHNA President

Spring 2011

As a Board member of AHNA for the past six years, I have strengthened my connection with my neighbors and community in ways that have positively impacted my life. Every task has been fulfilling, whether organizing a National Night Out event, assembling holiday wreaths to adorn our light poles, or helping promote our annual neighborhood garage sale. My Board colleagues and I have been serving Adams Hill for many years, but we cannot succeed alone.

Opportunities to serve the greater good abound, but few are more rewarding than volunteering in your own neighborhood. Some of the rewards you can enjoy include:
·         Boosting your property value and quality of life;
·         Promoting community pride and sense of belonging;
·         Meeting new neighbors and expanding your network of social resources;
·         Gaining leadership experience that expands your resume.

I invite you to share your talents and experience the joy of improving your community by signing up on a committee. Upcoming opportunities include helping with:
·         Annual Garage Sale Signage (event is June 11);
·         National Night Out (multiple events on August 11);
·         Organizing or supporting community activities;
·         Neighborhood Watch program;
·         Mailing of this newsletter.

To those of you who have helped out in recent years, we appreciate your efforts. To those who have not yet jumped in, please give it a try. Upcoming events are posted on our message board at AdamsHill.org or perhaps you have an activity you would like to recommend. You can indicate your preferences on ourdownloadable Membership form or by emailing me at President@AdamsHill.org.

Warmest regards,
Rondi Werner
Adams Hill Neighborhood Association